Concerning bad habits


I want to share a thought. Yes, I do think sometimes, I mean I am not the type to sit down and stress his intellectual faculties but once in a while a thought flashes through my head. So it’s like this, I wake up thinking it’s not enough to just want to stop a bad habit; you have to want to create a good one at the same time. If not the void you create by killing an old bad habit will eventually be filled up again with a new bad habit. Imagine a day as a piece of your lifespan that is divided into 24 equal parts that need to be filled with habits. You have a habit of sleeping and eating for instance. Also you have other habits that may be categorized as good or bad.

Now let’s say you use up 4 hours out of the 24 indulging in bad habits. If you decided to get rid of those bad habits you would end up with a 4 hour void craving to be filled up with some habit or rather. If you are extremely lazy you would probably just idle your way through the 4 hours but most people are not that lazy, even I am not that lazy… though I am lazy enough I confess.

Well, I think I will take the last sentence back, most people really are that lazy – at least I know I am – it’s just that an idle mind is the devils workshop and where Dev works bad habits are not far off. Let me just state here that for me I claim full ownership of my bad habits but some of my friends credit Dev and that is why I felt compelled to bring him into the picture. I have it under good authority that Dev is quite an energetic being, he walks into the workshop you create for him and starts raking havoc right away. It does not take him long to utilize all his tools in some deviltry of some size or shape.

Now back to bad habits, I have a lot and I have been fighting some for a while. Today marks an important day in my no bad habit journey – for a particular injurious bad habit – and I have come to make a few important realizations, most important of which is what I mentioned earlier; it’s not enough to just want to stop a bad habit, you have to want to create a good one at the same time. By the way, I am not going to name the bad habit because I am too shy to do so, pardon me on that one. I have tackled this habit a thousand times before and it always wins out in the end but now I am convinced I have got the better of it, though the job is not finished yet. Having other things to do – in place of the bad habit – has been key to avoiding it longer than I have before. Also I got a very interesting quote from the series House of Cards (Season 1: Episode 7) that I always recite to myself when I feel like sliding back. Here it is, rephrased “I cannot control who I am but I can control the zero, damn the zero” To me it just says; no matter what happens I will never go back to being hooked on the bad habit (back to zero) and that is something I can definitely control.