Keep calm and finish what you started


I have this problem of not finishing what I start. A few months ago I decided to take up web design and after getting good at it, I gave it up. I started a blog and gave it up (I’m back now), I started a music album and gave that up as well. I have started so many things in my life that I have given up. Matter of fact my life is kind of a start and stop thing. Every month I start something and give it up a few months later. One of my friends told me that the best thing I could do with my life at the moment would be looking at everything I have started and not completed, and getting back to work on it until its completed. So I am writing this with the intention of completing everything I start/have started, which includes picking up my blog again. Before I would write caring too much about how my post would come across to the reader but this time around I am just going to write and post whenever possible and not give up when I have ‘dry’ days or don’t feel ‘inspired’. My mission at the moment is to kill the giving up attitude and make some progress… finally. So wish me luck and enjoy the show. Now just remember that some posts are going to be inspiring and some are going to….hmm, well, not too inspiring. But it’s all good.