Beliefs,living outside your comfort zone


Have you ever noticed that you have a certain belief about how everything needs to be done? Like maybe how you should behave on a date, how fast you should go and stuff like that. Or even like how you should respond when something bad happens or someone wrongs you. It’s like that for me; I have certain beliefs wired in my brain that direct how I do everything. The weird part is, the beliefs never seem to match with reality. My actions, based on my beliefs usually produce the opposite reaction to what I expect. If I am overly nice to people, they don’t love and respect me but instead they feel exactly the opposite (resent and disrespect me). If I am readily available to people, they don’t appreciate my presence but instead cannot wait for me to leave. I have a lot of cases like this, where my actions based on my beliefs produce the opposite effect. I was watching a video on YouTube in which one guy said “in life we have ideals and we have reality. Ideals are ways in which things happen, according to popular belief and reality is how things actually happen”. The context he said it was in terms of dating girls and it instantly resonated with me. I will not share exactly in which way of course – for the curious one’s – but it was a particularly important moment for me because it made me look at other areas of my life and I found out the same thing. And I also noticed that these beliefs I have are mainly cemented by fear. The fear to try new things and the fear to push the boundary beyond what I do normally. Simply; the fear to put myself outside of my comfort zone. This has been holding back a lot and I think it’s time to push past my comfort zone. I now seriously think growth is outside your comfort zone.