About promises


I vowed a long time ago never to promise anyone anything again.  I discovered that it’s better to just do something if you are going to but its poor judgement to make promises beforehand because you never know how things turn out. I have faithfully kept to this vow for the most part but I fall back into my old habits of promising this and that once in a while because like I mentioned before; you never know how things turn out and vows are nothing more than promises. Seriously, a dude cannot do anything better than to go about his business the best way he can and hope that providence favours him along his path. I vowed not to make promises to anyone but myself but recent events have shown me that I should extend that to myself and anything on the planet earth that could be a recipient of a promise. Indeed I am officially dropping the foolishness of making promises to myself and pretending that my fate is 100% in my hands. I still believe our input counts for much on how our life turns but some things we cannot just help.

So there… no promises, in any case whatsoever. Well… let’s not be too strict, if a girl were to ask me to promise her something in order to be with me, I would gladly do it. Yes, I would even throw in some bonus promises. This just came to mind because there are times when girls ask dudes to make one promise or another…hmm like promise “never to cheat on me” and a dude has to do it or she might “leave”. That’s what my friend says; I have never had a girl to promise anything to but if I had one and she required a promise of me, I wouldn’t give her one, I would shower her with millions of them. All sorts of promises. I would even go as far as saying “I would sooner die than cheat on you”

But now to how I got to this subject of promises if the reader is wondering. Well, I am on this subject because my work for this week just got derailed. Looking forward from last week, I saw this week as a very busy week in which I would have to give my whole to my work if I hoped to emerge out of it with any shade of merit. I promised myself to “work my heart out”  “storm through my work” “complete as many tasks that I can” and “spend all my time doing my work” But how did things turn out? Why, I didn’t even get a chance to get started. Immediately I entered this week I acquired myself a sore through, headache and aching bones all in one bargain. I have spent the last 48 hours bedridden half of the time and the other half cursing my luck while I swallow large pills of medicine or sitting in pain watching time go by. I am still sick as I write this so I am a good bet for finishing the week without accomplishing much. I had plans and I made promises but I did not calculate for the sickness.


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