Sweating it


The day that I decided to start my blog I did not think I would seriously stick with it as long as I have. The truth is I stumbled upon the idea of starting a blog by some lucky mistake, or an unlucky one for those who would breathe easier if I didn’t pollute the world with my words. So, yeah, I just stumbled upon it and I had considerable doubts about my writing skills but I judged that every profession has to have a black sheep as they say – a dude who would rise to the loftiest altitude of incompetence and unprofessional-ism. I thought to myself, if the blogging world was missing such a personality, I would take up that gigantic responsibility and furnish it that needed spectacle.

Now, with my gig firmly I assured, the idea was to update my blog daily – posting all my personal recollections and other things from my brain or the part where the brain would be if I had one, which is one and the same thing I think. My first post was “Say no to animal cruelty”, a piece the I really enjoyed writing. I don’t know what the readers thought of it, they never comment, but I thought it was very informative though when I showed it to one of my friends he said it was “loaded with falsehoods” and was “kind of funny”. Kind of funny? There is an expression for you. Who on earth has the time to find things only part way funny? Why not just laugh or frown and save some precious time. I consider that something is either funny or it’s not and as a matter of fact I have invented a simple way to determine whether something is funny or not, I call it NITAL (Notice if they are laughing). Before I explain this neat invention of mine I would like the reader to know that I claim full credit for inventing it and I expect to be honoured. Also, I am pleading with all you industrious duplicators not to produce a knockoff invention. Well my invention works simply as follows; when you say or do something that you think is funny, notice how your audience reacts to put judgement upon the matter. If what you said or did made people laugh, it’s funny. If not, it’s dull and possibly annoying.

Anyway I have wondered off the course of my tale and I will get back to it now. As the keen reader might have noticed, this post is titled sweating it. What Am I sweating exactly? Just one thing. I am sweating the fact that if more people read my blog and like my posts, I might fool myself into believing that my pen is getting more comfortable and gaining reasonable strength. If that happens I will naturally start worrying and stressing myself to come up with ever enlightening posts. Posts with humour, wit, wisdom and all sorts of things you find in posts by people with real writing talent. I am therefore writing this as a reminder to myself not to believe the hype – which is not there and most likely will never be… but just in case anyway. A dude can never be too careful.


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