Overcoming temptation


Never try to peep down a slippery slope. Well, let me not say that but rather never peep down a slippery slope if you don’t want to fall into temptation. There are times when you are trying to avoid something, let say something bad and then life offers you a disguised opportunity for you to do it. Disguised opportunities maybe in many forms but at present I am specifically concerned with one. The disguised opportunity of my concern is one that lets you believe that you are only going to be a witness rather than participant. Let’s say you are trying not to cheat on your girlfriend and your friend invites you to a party, a party with a lot of beautiful girls. Now, on the face of it an invitation to a party is not an invitation to cheat – even a party with a lot of beautiful girls shouldn’t call for that, hmm… I am guessing it shouldn’t, girls would agree I am sure or maybe not, I don’t even know much about girls. Wait, where was I? Yes… an invitation to a party with a lot of beautiful girls seems like a harmless thing when it’s still just an invitation but things become quite different when you get there – that party that is.

When you are at the party having a good time; loud music playing, sexy girls dancing and you in one corner abusing some substance or rather, you get to feel more adventurous than permissible. From just talking to girls, its becomes dancing, from dancing it becomes touching, from touching… hmm let’s just say it goes deeper, I have never been to a party or interacted with beautiful girls so I don’t really know. I should have used an example of a situation I have been in but I felt too embarrassed to do that and instead decided to furnish this crime of an example. The point is if you are really trying to avoid something, let’s call it a temptation; don’t entertain even the slightest thing that might lead you to fall, innocent invitations are your worst enemy if you have vowed to avoid temptation. The big things are too obvious to trap you.

I will now use another example of a situation I have never been in. Assume a really hot colleague of yours hits on you during a time that you seriously don’t want to cheat. Wouldn’t it be obvious that it is a temptation? And wouldn’t you naturally make your point clear to that colleague right away and set some boundaries, to avoid the fall? Of course you would. No normal human being made in the likeness of God would fall into temptation as easily as that, even a frog wouldn’t, it would just jump away. If instead that colleague invited you to his or her house at a not so ungodly hour, you might not suspect anything – not until you are both carrying on with unholy cries of pleasure and causing discomfort to a bed which had hopes of only being slept on that day.

Hmm… I really have no idea what the heck I am talking about so I think I will stop here. The truth is I just avoid a temptation I did not see coming and I thought I should write something about it – CW.


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