My first kiss


I grew up on romantic movies. With the exception of myself, the house I grew up in was filled entirely with girls and you know how they get with that stuff (romantic stuff). Try as I may, I could never get myself a reasonable amount of time on my video game or my favourite movies because the girls would always want to use the TV – we only had one – and you can’t say no to girls right? Actually you can and I would always do so, but when you are in the minority – one against half a dozen – your voice counts for nothing. With my case being as it was, I ended up surviving on the entertainment that my wonderful sister and beautiful cousins were into.


The thing about the stuff they were into is that it always had to do with love and romance, in one way or another. They would watch; Beauty and the Beast, While you were sleeping, Prelude to a kiss, Bed of Roses, City of angels and many other movies of the like. The first time I ever saw two people kissing was while I was watching one of these movies and it was absolutely magical. The scene had everything; it was a night with a full moon and a lot of stars, music was playing in background, time seemed to be moving slowly and when the two love birds in the scene closed their eyes and leaned forward to kiss, just about the most beautiful fireworks I have ever seen graced the sky to accompany the kissing. The kissing continued, at one point with the girl’s right leg in the air. I was in awe of what I was seeing and to me it was the most amazing thing on the planet and I immediately wanted to experience it for myself, even though I was only 4 or 5 years old at the time.


After that spectacular introduction to kissing, I would sit in on all the romantic movies the girls watched and my desire to have an experience similar to what I saw in the movies increased with every kissing scene that I saw. Along the way I developed the idea that a kiss was the most beautiful, most powerful thing on earth. That it could move mountains, change the weather, evoke music or even alter the movement of time. To me, every time you kissed, regardless of the time or day, place or circumstances, the beauty of the world around you would manifest itself to make the kiss as enjoyable as possible. Like maybe a half moon would turn full and the stars would accumulate even if none were to be seen before that moment. It was simply magical and I couldn’t wait to experience it. I ended up waiting more than 10 years though.


I had to go through plenty of toil before I could finally get to experience my first kiss but I will touch on that in another post. At present I will skip along and get straight to the kiss itself, a kiss that did not live up to the expectations that I had build up from the movies.

My special moment…

With my hands firmly around her, I went for the kiss head upright, our noses bumped. I backed out a little then tried again with my head tilted and this time I got her lips. Well, I didn’t actually get her lips, but rather I got the atmosphere – most likely nitrogen – and her lips on my cheek. I repositioned and went for it again; the third time was the charm! Now that I had got her lips, I begun to swivel my head back and forth while kissing her softly – like I saw in movies –  but she looked at me weird so I stopped. At this point I remembered that I needed to close my eyes, the eye contact thing was making me shy and uncomfortable. We continued kissing for a while, this time with our eyes closed and during the all experience I kept waiting for her lips to start tasting like something you would write a poem about, like my favourite chocolate or something, but nothing of the kind happened. At one point I tried to lift her off her feet but my arms were weak so I dropped her instantly and she landed awkwardly. She was not impressed by my stunt and just like that the show had reached its conclusion, no encore or anything. She said she was in “no mood” for smooching it up any more, maybe we could “just seat down and talk”.

I had waited years for that moment but after it had come and gone I did not feel like the luckiest dude alive or like I had just experienced the sweetest moment of my life. I felt quite normal, which was disappointing, so I mumbled some few words of endearment to the girl, got my excused – while apologizing for the ‘lifting stunt’ –  and left for home, to “finish my homework” I claimed.


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