Uncute business


I am a disgusted owner of five pairs of 3-D glasses. I say disgusted because I never intended to own more than one pair of 3-D glasses and in fact I would prefer just leasing them every time I go to a cinema to watch a movie in 3-D. 2 months ago we were all doing the ‘leasing thing’ but then cinemas in my town decided to come up with a ridiculous rule – you have to purchase 3-D glasses every time you go to watch a 3D movie – which has resulted me in owning that unnecessary number of 3-D glasses stated earlier.

I bought my first pair of 3-D glasses when I went to watch Iron Man 3. No issues then of course, the money I spent on the ticket and the glasses was well worth it to me. I went home not only impressed by the movie but feeling happy about my newly acquired glasses, planning to use them on my subsequent visits to cinemas. Only a week later I was at a cinema to watch ‘The Great Gatsby’. While lining up to purchase a ticket, I checked myself to see if I had brought my glasses with me, hmm… it turned out that I hadn’t. I was a little pissed off at my forgetfulness because now I would have to buy another pair just for that day. I ended up doing so but it did not occur to me that while my need to buy new glasses was due to my forgetfulness; in  truth  I would have been asked to buy new ones even if I had brought my old pair.

I said the ‘ridiculous rule’ was implemented 2 months ago but I did not find out just then, it took me about 3 weeks to catch on. I am not usually good at keeping up with trends, not even obvious ones, usually I find out things when I am forced to (by circumstances). An example of this; I spent 16 hours of my birthday – this year’s birthday – not knowing there was something special about it and only realized so when my sister sent a text wishing me a happy birthday. I don’t blame myself for that one, I am sure my mind ignored that date because I am not exactly enthusiastic about growing older, not now that I am past 20.

Anyway, I finally found out the game the cinemas were playing when I went to watch ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. On that day my memory had not failed me and so I had Gatsby with me (Gatsby is the name I gave to my second pair of 3-D glasses, my other glasses are Iron, Star, Penguin, Monster and Despicable). Thinking I did not need to buy glasses that day, I purchased my ticket and immediately walked away to get myself some pop corns, wait… I mean I was about to walk away to get myself some pop corns when a lady at the ticket counter called me back. I asked what the matter was; she said I had not bought my glasses yet. I told her I did not need to and showed her the glasses I had in my hands, but she said I had to buy another pair, it did not matter that I had another one already. For a second I thought she was joking but her face looked serious so I asked her a few questions to be clear on what the deal was. She explained that management had introduced a rule requiring customers to buy 3-D glasses for every 3-D movie watched irrespective of whether they already owned 3-D glasses or not. She also added that the reasons for the new rule were not explained to her but she was directed to enforce it strictly. I was very disappointed to learn this because though the glasses are not that expensive, I hate spending money unnecessarily. I ended up buying the glasses and enjoying the movie but I vowed to go to another cinema if that was the rule at that particular cinema. But Penguin, Monster and Despicable are evidence that it is the new rule everywhere and I don’t like it.


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