Winning elections – part 1


This is how ruling parties win elections on the planet greed-on, the third planet from the black hole in the fraud system. I had a chat with some people who were deeply involved in the recent elections that occurred on the planet. Below is what they witnessed.

Sorry you have voted already (by witness 1, at a polling station)

“Early in the afternoon when polling was well under way, a slim, short woman of about forty walked in. As usual she had to get her details checked first before she could be allowed to vote. She was pointed to the table where this could be done and eagerly she went. After standing at the table for a few minutes an argument ensued. The woman had just been told that she had already voted – the records so reflected – and as such she had no business being at the polling station any more. The woman was convinced she had not done such a thing and her husband and kids could testify to the fact that she had been home the whole morning and she had not stepped into a polling station until then. She put up a passionate argument but the records showed what they showed and nothing could be done for her. Eventually she had to be taken out of the polling station by force – with her screaming/cursing and frantically kicking the air. The rest of the afternoon had more scenes like this and I was very surprised that so many before could forget whether they had voted or not”

The power cut trick (by witness 2, at a polling station)

“We had been counting votes for a few hours and it was getting more and more obvious that for the race we were counting, the opposition was in position to win the seat as the opposition candidate had a huge lead. It was clear to everyone in the room that the uncounted votes wouldn’t turn out in a way that would change the results, not in the slightest. But just then something unexpected happened – we experienced a power cut for only a couple of minutes, I think – and when we had power again the atmosphere seemed to have a changed a little. I had the impression that for some reason the number of unopened ballot boxes had increased and when we resumed counting, every voted seemed to go to the ruling party. This was a very curious case because before then the race was going against the ruling party but now it was on course to win the race, with a lot of votes to spare. I could not understand it”

Make money selling your vote (by witness 3, at a political rally)

“It was two weeks before the elections and I was going around attending rallies to hear what the different candidates had to say. This one day I attended a rally organized by the ruling party. It will forever be one of the most entertaining rallies I have ever been to. There was music playing and food and drinks on offer. But most impressively we were treated to some lively performances by some famous artists, some of whom had brought some dancers along. It was more like a concert really – at no point did I feel like I was at rally. Anyway, at the end of the rally I found myself – somewhat unexpectedly – having a private chat with the running candidate. Long story short, I was given an envelope – which I later found out, contained a considerable amount of money – with the message that more of the same (i.e. the contents of the envelope) was to be expected after he had won the election. All I had to do was vote for him and get others (plenty others) to do the same. I did not vote for him, neither did I tell anyone else to do so but he still won. I suspect the plot worked well on other people”


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