Arnold’s story


This is Arnold’s story, he is an acquaintance of mine – (The author)

For maybe a few months or so after I completed college I spent a lot of time chilling, playing video games, regularly browsing the internet and basically just enjoying the freedom to be lazy. I guess every college graduate gets that grace period where they can sit and do nothing without any pressures to hunt for a job. Then slowly as time passed things started to change. My fellow graduates begun to get jobs or enrolling at institutions of higher learning to upgrade their qualifications. I started to feel a little left out, and it didn’t help that my situation was increasingly getting obvious to everyone around me. My situation being – I was losing pace with all my peers – some had found jobs or were advancing their studies and others were preparing for marriage or starting up business. I am not an envious person but when I noticed the progress my friends were making, I decided seating on my behind day in day out wouldn’t do and I was either going to get a job or break into a bank. Of course I would try getting a job first.

I began by checking for jobs on the internet. I was delighted to discover that were are so many websites where I could check for companies seeking new employees. Now all I had to do was write my CV and send it out to all the companies I was interested in working for. And that is exactly what I did, and then I chilled out again expecting to hear from one of the companies soon. I honestly expected to get a call up in no time but for some reason I didn’t. I waited until days became weeks and weeks became a couple of months. I started to think to myself “maybe there is something I missed or something wrong with my CV”. I checked my CV and I was satisfied with it, so I went back to the websites to check if I got some detail(s) wrong, contact details and the like.

Browsing through the websites, one thing suddenly caught my attention. I noticed that most of the jobs – including some that I had applied for, some time back – put a huge emphasis on experience. The companies were looking for “a person who can do blah blah and has 10 years experience” or “a person with industry relevant skills, who is blah blah and has 5 years experience” or but never mind, the requirements were pretty much similar.

I finally I have a job – one which is less technical than I would have liked – but I still have an issue with companies expecting job seekers to have millions of years of experience when they are not willingly to offer a chance to a poor dude to earn that experience in the first place, not even as an intern. I mean, if every good company wants people with a lot of experience then where do we go to gain that experience if we don’t have any? That’s the question Colstar, that’s the question.


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