Mike Chang is everywhere


Nowadays it feels like I cannot browse the internet with tumbling into Mike Chang and his workout tips. If I go to a sports website like ESPN, I find Mike Chang there, apparently with some workout tips that can get me in shape and make me better at sports.

If I go to a religious website, I find Mike Chang again, this time with workout tips that will improve my stamina, which in turn will help me stand for hours, something I have to do the few times I am forced to attend church. My mother drags me to church with her whenever she has the luck of catching in the house on a Sunday. Then I have to stay awake through a three hour church service which includes two hours of standing in the name of praise, worship or any other thing the preacher thinks of on that particular Sunday. Preachers never pass up a chance…hmm I think I am wondering, I will get back to my issue with Mike Chang now.

If I try to check out a tabloid, I still find Mike Chang, this time with workout tips that can help me shade fat and gain muscles and in so doing improve my chances of getting laid so that I don’t have to spend so much time on tabloids reading about other people getting laid. Then I go to a youtube channel teaching Chinese, thinking I have finally had the last of Mike Chang…

But as soon I play a video on the youtube channel what do I find? Why… Mike Chang of course, this time with Terry Crews thrown in on the bargain. I know working out is good for your health and all but I don’t want to see Mike Chang when I am reading a bible verse online or when I am stuck on a mathematical equation on brilliant.org or when I doing any other innocent thing on the internet .


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