Is he wise? – Part 1


About a week ago, I happened to have a conversation with an old friend I had not talked to in months and something like the talk below followed. I have removed my share of the talk, what follows are all words from his mouth, edited only a little.

My Friend,

I wouldn’t like to work for the government, there is nothing to benefit in doing so. I want to start a business and make my money back, because I invested a lot in college. Maybe I might even start a college of my own because education itself is a business. People go to college and fill the owner’s pockets with money but usually walk away with only a trickle of knowledge. I want to work hard to be successful, hmm… hard work is the key, you see. People never think about all the hours invested in hard work when they see a successful person.  It’s like the saying goes “only he that wears the shoes knows the pain that comes with wearing them”. People will admire your shoes but they have no idea how much pain it is to wear them.

I have travelled around the world. I have lived in Asia, lived in Africa, lived in many other parts of the world. When you travel much, understanding the world comes easy, and so does figuring people out. It is something that has inspired me to go into politics. Some people think you need to be good looking and charming to be a politician but that is a superstition. Of course all those things would be nice, but I can do without them, “where there is a will, there is a way”. Other than that I am an aspiring business man, as I mentioned earlier. I know what I want and I know my future. The word aspiring makes it sound more like wishful thinking than greatness in the making but I have conviction. And while some people may carry around belief in “hope and change”, I stake my future on “choices and actions”.  That possibly does not sound very romantic but “adventure over romance” that is me.

[Hmm… I am getting lazy to write, maybe I will finish this up another time and call the post ‘is he wise? – part 2’] – Colstar Web


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