The right to smoke


I am not against smoking. I think if people want to damage their lungs with smoke, it’s a little enough matter and they should be allowed to have their way.  No one has the right to deny others the privilege of mucus and cancer enhancing their lungs. This is a God given right.

Now, since I respect other people’s right to damage their lungs, I expect them to respect my right to have healthy lungs. Indeed, I simply desire the privilege to go out in public (shops, schools, banks, hospitals e.t.c.) without fear of being exposed to smoke. I know it’s a privilege that is only sought after by uncool nerds, like me, but I think it deserves to be accorded all the same.

These days it seems like people want to share their smoke with me everywhere I go, especially bus stations and public toilets. As much as I appreciate this immense generosity, I think it would be better if I could personally add smoke to my diet if I want to, instead of having it forced on me by people I don’t even know. Like Barack Obama said, not so long ago, “force feeding is something that should only be tolerated at Guantanamo bay”

I am pleading to law makers to find a way to accord people the right to damage their lungs without giving them the freedom to damage the lungs of others as well. Also, just in case law makers are too lazy to do their job (which is very likely), I urge all smokers to share their nicotine and tar with anyone else but me. I say this because I plan to dedicate my lungs to respiration for the next few decades or so, Insha’Allah


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