Say no to animal cruelty


It has come to the attention of dogs that when women catch men cheating on them or involved in any other unholy activities, they cry, complain, curse and compare the behavior of such men to that of dogs. Dogs are outraged at such a comparison and view it as “inaccurate, unfair and perfectly uncalled for”.

Dato Scooby Doo, the well-known dog celebrity and scholar, had this to say about the matter “we dogs have not wronged women and cannot comprehend why they see it fit to drag our name in the mud in such fashion. Even cats, our worst enemies, only go as far as comparing us to pigs, goats or mules. It would be an understatement to say that women have completely outdone themselves with this comparison and I am the least pleased about it. This even goes past the awful case of the unfortunate Australian dog, Bouncer, whose throat was cut by a boning knife by his owner”. His assertion was backed by Chief Animal Welfare League inspector, Dr. Catherine Tan, who said “this is the worst case of animal cruelty we have seen to date”.

Scooby went on to urge all dogs to take to the streets to protest and not to forget to purchase the ‘SAY NO TO ANIMAL CRUELTY’ T-shirt, which is available at Tesco, Giant, Mydin and many other shopping malls around Malaysia.


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