Regarding Yike Bikes


Where did you buy that? Give me the address! This is the kind of reaction I get whenever I pull up with a Yike Bike at some random place in Kuala Lumpur, as I aimless go around yike biking, trying to look conspicuous. As recent as end of 2012, I had no idea what a yike bike was but in January of this year, two yikes bikes were made available at my workplace, to be used by any member of staff that chooses to (note: when I say ‘my workplace’, I mean the place where I am currently working as intern, I lack the necessary skills needed to get hired and I actually don’t…, but I digress).

Well, since then I have not passed up a chance to ride one of the yike bikes. I get to yike bike when it’s necessary and when it’s unnecessary, when it convenient and when it’s inconvenient. The thing about a yike bike is…its, well; it’s just awesome that’s what it is.

Now, think about this, what’s that thing that is both extremely fun to use and easy to maintain? A yike bike. What’s that thing that will cost you only 8 Malaysian sen to charge and take you as far as 10 kilometers in only 30 minutes? A yike bike! What’s that thing you can fold in only 30 seconds and move around with anywhere you like? A yike bike! And what’s that thing you can travel with and never have to worry about packing space and how much it will cost you? It is…, a yike bike!. Yes Sir!..Hmm Madam, Boys and Girls, a yike bike is a must have product, and one of the greenest (contributes little to global carbon emissions).

Dear reader, please get yourself a yike bike, if you have the money, and if you don’t have the money, start saving now and buy one as soon as you have enough (bear in mind it costs around 7,000 Malaysian Ringgit at the moment, and it’s worth every sen I must say, though I am yet to buy one myself).


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